Introducing our Lithuanian Associate, Gabrielė Poteliūnaitė

As investors, we always place key emphasis on the team when making an investment decision. This is often one of the determining factors in a company’s success, and we feel the same about our team at Change Ventures. The diverse, knowledgeable, passionate and open-minded team is what makes us stand out, together with absolutely exceptional founders of our portfolio companies.

As Change Ventures is growing, our team has expanded with joining us as an Associate in Vilnius, Lithuania. That means Change Ventures will finally (and literally) have all the boots on the ground in all three Baltic countries! Gabrielė will be based in Lithuania to scout for potential investment opportunities and support our portfolio companies.

Gabrielė, ever since she can remember, had an interest in a wide array of subjects, which led her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences at University College Utrecht. There, she majored in Neuroscience, Psychology and Statistics. This program inspired her to further her academic exploration and embark on a joint Master’s degree from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) and University of Amsterdam (UvA) in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science.

In terms of work experience, Gabrielė served as a VC Fellow at, a pre-seed venture capital fund that supports student and graduate startups in Amsterdam. Before that she took on Venture Development and Data Management roles at — The European Healthtech Venture Builder, in Amsterdam. Finally, she held positions at the fastest growing e-commerce start-up in Amsterdam , and .

Having experience in greatly diverse and dynamic environments, she believes, will ‘further’ help her bring innovative ideas and opinions to the table. She is thrilled to be part of a team that can help Lithuanian founders to scale and show-off to the world their start-ups, together with their relentless can-do, entrepreneurial and enthusiastic approach. Gabrielė sees the Baltics as the upcoming hub of entrepreneurial spirit and drive, which has majorly influenced her decision to finally return and give all she can to help strengthen the ecosystem here. She is very excited to meet all of you!

Find Gabriele having long conversations (Lithuanian, English or Spanish) about the future and ethics of AI, climate change, politics and inclusivity (which hopefully translates into never having to face any awkward silence in the meetings). She loves the ocean, enjoys surfing (well, at least trying to), reading (you can always ask for book recommendations) and discussing the latest tech-developments and start-ups.

Backing ambitious Baltic founders. We invest at pre-seed/seed in teams with the grit to build global businesses, bring a deep network and follow-on investment.