The Baltic states: the “next startup nations”

My first decade working at a startup was during the 2000s at Israeli-founded AeroScout, which had a head office in the USA and an engineering & operations subsidiary in Israel. I got to see first-hand the ambition, hustle and relentless grit of the Israeli startup community and had the good fortune to take a C-level role in the process of building a born-global startup that was eventually acquired for $240M. The success of the Israeli startup ecosystem was such that it became one of the significant industries in the country and led Saul Singer and Dan Senor to assign Israel the nickname “startup nation” in their legendary book.

Tel Aviv, Israel (Image licensed under Creative Commons)
Aerones wind turbine inspection and maintenance robot at work in Costa Rica
Index Ventures handbook home page

Backing ambitious Baltic founders. We invest at pre-seed/seed in teams with the grit to build global businesses, bring a deep network and follow-on investment.

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